About personal certification

The skills requirements are rapidly increasing in working life. This also increases the need to evaluate, validate and confirm the skills of your workforce. Personal certification is a way of measuring skills over time to raise the quality in a professional area.

NDT Training Center is an accredited personal certification body in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024. This commitment includes acting impartial and independent. All assignments are conducted confidentially without benefiting or disadvantaging any individual, organization or any individual company.

Personal certification is a way of supplementing or replacing older systems for the approval or authorization of persons. A good and clear requirement specification is the basis of what is required by a person. The requirements are usually formulated in well-established national or international standards, government regulations or industry documents.

A certification under accreditation always include:

  • Examination of the applicant’s competence in which the examination may contain theoretical and practical parts
  • Monitoring of the certificate confirming that the competence of the certified person is maintained during the validity of the certificate
  • Certification certificate renewal
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