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We can examine and certify your staff

About personal certification

The NDT Training Center is accredited by SWEDAC as an ISO/IEC 17024 certification body. The accreditation includes examining and certifying staff under the SS-EN ISO 9712 and SS-EN ISO 9712/Nordtest examinations. NDT TC is also a 3rd party body for the certification of pressure personnel (PED) testing equipment according to AFS 2016:1/PED 2014/68EU.

In January 2013, EN-ISO 9712 replaced the EN 473 for the certification of public service personnel. Previously issued EN-473 certificate applies to the next 5-year extension or 10-year re-certification.

The certification requires the course, synthesis, approved examination (written and practical examinations) and practical experience in the method. The first three requirements we can assist in, the last (experience) is obtained from our own company and should be relevant for current certification, see page under each method.

SS-EN ISO 9712 describes the general requirements for training, examining and certification of NDE staff, therefore the Nordtest system is used as an application standard in the Nordic region. The examinations can be adapted to different activities and, for example, limited in scope.

The following classification is made according to SS-EN ISO 9712/Nordtest

Product Sectors:

  • c – Castings
  • f – Forge
  • w – Weld
  • t – pipes and pipelines
  • wp – Rolled products

Industrial Sectors:

  • IMA – Metal production (c, f, t, w and wp).
  • IPI – Manufacturing Assembly. Repeated test (c, f, t, w and wp).
  • IRM – Railway (f, w and wp).
  • IAE – Flight (c, f, t, w and wp).
  • IMU – Multisector (including IMA, IPI, IRM and IAE).

If nothing else is mentioned, the price for a full exam, including certification according to SS-EN ISO 9712/Nordtest, is based on a basic version of the multisector indicated. Examination can be tailored to your needs, by selecting another category or item exchange.

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