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Complaint handling at NDT Training Center

Routine for complaints

The NDT Training Center believes that it is of the utmost importance that all our customers or other stakeholders are satisfied with us. In cases where certified persons, employers or other persons feel unfavorably treated as contrary to ethical rules, impartiality, compliance with standards or requirements or in some other respect, a complaint can be served on NDT TC. The handling of the complaint must always be handled in an impartial and independent manner.

A complaint can be submitted to NDT TC either by mail or e-mail. See our contact details on this website.

The certification body is responsible for fulfilling these requirements and the treatment case according to the process described below.

A complaint submitted must be assessed by the CEO and certification officer for the area concerned.

In cases where a complaint is not considered to affect a certification, it shall be handled by the relevant department, appointed by the CEO. Replies to the plaintiff must be submitted within a reasonable time. If necessary, corrective measures must be implemented.

The complaints that are judged to affect the certification of a person are dealt with in a manner described below. All complaints must be registered and documented. A receipt shall be submitted to the person who submitted the complaint.

Complaints that affect a certification

A complaint filed is handled as follows:

  • An acknowledgment must be sent to the complaints handler where it must be informed of how the matter should be handled regarding time to reply, which persons who handle the case and a clarification of the complaint described by the certification body.
  • The certification body appoints one or more competent and independent persons to handle and assess the complaint. The people can be from their own organization as well as externally.
  • The designated persons handle the case in an independent and impartial manner by assessing all available information. A report is compiled which describes the complaint, the procedure, the assessment and the conclusion.
  • The report is sent to the certification body.
  • The certification body sends the report to all parties concerned. Anyone who has submitted the complaint must be informed of their right to appeal the decision.
  • The complaint must be completed within 4 working weeks from the time the complaint is registered.


If the complaining party is not satisfied with the decision taken by the certification body regarding the complaint, this decision may be appealed to the NDT TC independent certification council. The process of an appeal is handled as follows:

  • An appeal against a decision to a complaint must be received by the certification body within 14 days after the decision has been announced.
  • The incoming appeal must be registered and documented. Notification to the sender must then be made within 10 days after registration. The message shall state how the matter will be handled by the certification body. It should also be informed of how the complaints person has the opportunity to obtain information during the process.
  • The certification body submits the case to the relevant certification council. The case must be completed within 4 weeks from the day the certification council received the appeal.
  • The certification body is obliged to provide all available information in the case to the certification council.

A decision is made in the certification council, which is compiled in a report. The report is communicated to interested parties.

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