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More about certification

Which level to choose?

A person certified on level 1 works according to established test descriptions. In order to conduct independent testing and evaluation of a test result, level 2 is required. Level 3 is the specialist who can be in charge of the test method technically and administratively at the company.

We inform about the certification bodies for NDT staff

Certification body
After obtaining an approved degree, as well as proof of experience, training and examination according to the requirements of EN ISO 9712 and Nordtest Doc Gen 010, you can obtain a certificate issued by a certification body.
NDT Training Center is one of SWEDAC approved certification bodies. The certification activity is an independent part of the company directly under the company’s board, and consists of certification officers and those specially authorized by the Certification Board to carry out certification.

Application for certification

After passing the examination, and when all the criteria are met, an “application for certification” must be filled in to obtain a certificate issued. During 2014, the requirements for verification have been strengthened somewhat. Clearer requirements regarding experience and qualifications for the method, level, affected sectors and PED are now demanded. The application form must clearly state the qualifications stated above. If a certificate is missing, no certificate can be issued by the certification body. The same requirements apply to 5-year renewal and 10-year re-certification.

Board of Directors

The company’s board consists of 1 member from the respective owners. The Board is chaired by a chairman and the company’s CEO is a secretary.

Certification council

The Board has delegated certification questions to a certification council. The Certification council consists of the NDT Training Center Certification Officer and the representative of the owners. Other members shall consist of representatives of control companies or stakeholders of the certification activities outside the ownership group and shall represent at least 50% of the members of the Council.

Appeals and complaints

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the assessment, you can appeal the decision in writing to the address below. Similary, you are advised to report a complaint if you are affected:

NDT Training Center AB, Certification Council, Regattagatan 23, 723 48 Västerås, Sweden.

NDT TC Certification Board addresses the appeal or complaint according to procedures described in Nordtest DOC GEN 010. When the case has been processed, the decision is addressed to the persons concerned. Comments on the composition of the Certification Council, which handles the questions, may be submitted to the NDT TC Corporate Board.

Revisions and documentation

Changes and revisions in the certification system are announced through information on our website under the heading “Information”. Information is also given via letter / e-mail to responsible level 3: within NTO. In cases where a certified person is not employed by NTO, the information is provided to the person registered as a test manager in the customer register. In addition to this, information is provided on the annual recurring Theme Days for Level 3 Test Officers.


After certification, the employer must authorize the certified person by signing the certificate.
This means that the employer certifies that the certificate holder has the right knowledge and experience to perform the intended assignments. The authorization shall be carried out annually.

The certification body is not responsible for the certificate holder having the specialized knowledge that may be required within each discipline. The NDT Training Center recommends the employer to establish a parallel system with a list of competence in special areas / disciplines.

Certificate and extension

A person at the certification body who did not participate in training or examination examines all documentation and issues certificates. After 5 years, the certificate can be extended for another 5 years. By extension, the employer is required to certify that the person holds approved visual examinations and has continuously worked on the NDT method in question without a stay of more than 365 days or two or more periods of a total time exceeding 2 years. This must be able to be substantiated with vision certificates from, for example, opticians and test reports.

Documentation at the Certification Body is filed for 10 years after the last date of validity.

Certificate withdrawal

Misuse of certificates may lead to cancellation of the same. The certificate holder or his employer is required to keep documentation of complaints related to the certification.

Suspension or revocation of certificate

In case of misuse of certificates or in case of serious breach of the Code of Ethics, a certificate may be withdrawn.
In connection with the signing of the “Application for certification” document, it is also stated that ethical rules must be followed.

Decisions on suspension or revocation of certificates shall be determined by the Certification Council. In cases where the certificate has been suspended for 1 year or longer, a renewed full examination must be done in order to be eligible again.
Information that a certificate has been revoked is made to Swedac.

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